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You’ve swooned over styled weddings in all the magazines. The romance. The design. The perfection.
Now you can have your own, without all the time and energy it takes to plan one. 

Skip the “second job” it takes to put in venue research and find vendors you love that are actually available on your date or in your budget... 


Simply make one decision:

Wedding bliss without the stress

When you choose us, you get more than some of the city’s finest wedding vendors. You get complete peace of mind because we’re a team who have already worked together on multiple styled-shoots and events that, yes, have been featured in magazines too. Our consistent style, vision and attention to detail comes together so you can focus on other things. Like the love you have for each other.

Whether you want to celebrate on your original date or have a new plan for the upcoming year, we make 95% of the decisions so you don’t have to. It starts with a modern classic venue that’s both beautiful and central, so your guests can easily attend. Planning that’s completely taken care of from start to finish. Simply stunning florals. And accomplished photography & makeup teams, so you will look gorgeous in every moment.

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Gina Humilde Events merges unforgettable guest experiences with creative ideas and designs.

At Luminous Weddings we capture your true story - each intimate and special moment - with energy, emotion and style.

The team at Angela Xuereb Artistry provides gorgeous makeup applications and swoon-worthy hair styling to make your big day extra special.

Rosehill Blooms is a midtown boutique studio offering exquisite & often beautifully unconventional floral designs.

download the complete pricing and experience guide

download the complete pricing and experience guide

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